NAME: Rob Louisell
CONVERSION: KITT Conversionist Pioneer
SEASON Multiples
YEAR OF DONOR: Multiples
LOCATION: Mt, Pleasant, Michigan
CONVERSION PARTS ACQUIRED: Rob Louisell has acquired original molds used by Universal Studios that were used in creating the onscreen vehicles.
These pieces include the nose, the center console overlay, the gull wing wheel and others.
My Shadowy Tale:
KITT Graphic

Rob Louisell was born in the same year as the Corvette. You do the math. In the early 70's, while he was in the National Guard, he learned auto body work from his dad who ran a body shop. He bought late model salvageable cars, repaired them and sold them to put himself through college where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. During that time period he also worked at the local airport and got a commercial pilot license. His intent had been to be a corporate pilot and draftsman. However he found himself bored with flying and the psychology degree lead to a job in the field of corrections where he was a Probation/Parole Agent for the State of Michigan for about 20 years.

During the mid 1980s Louisell built a reproduction of TV's Knight Rider car. After receiving so many requests for conversion parts he learned fiberglass mold making and went into production, and had a little business going. Since he was working full time in corrections, the little business which was a part time thing with full time work got to be too much to handle. So he got out of it; However, He did hone his fabrication skills during that time.

Louisell is an NRA certified instructor for Basic Pistol Safety and Personal Protection in The Home courses. He is also an instructor certified in Pressure Point Control Tactics, after spending a week at the Smith and Wesson Academy . The Michigan Department of Corrections also has certified him to train CPR and SHARP (Sexual Harassment, Assault, and Rape Prevention) to females. He started a training company called On Target Security Solutions, Inc. and has taught hundreds of private citizens how to handle a handgun so they can obtain a concealed carry permit. He built his own private range. He also has a contract with the local court to train their court security officers and certify them to carry handguns in the local courthouse. He also owns a Private Detective agency called Louisell Investigations, Inc.

Louisell plays the trombone in a local community concert band and plays 5-string banjo in his family band. He started taking banjo lessons in 1973 and began giving lessons in 1975. He's played on local TV and radio, did a TV commercial for an auto dealer, and put down the soundtrack for a university production of Foxfire.

Then Rob became obsessed with the Banshee and just wanted to build cars.